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Your Journey To Perfection Begins Here
J Studios
Your Journey To Perfection Begins Here

Facial Care

Begin your journey to flawless skin at J Studios. Choose from a wide range of facial treatments and programmes to bring your skin to perfection!

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Beauty & Makeup

Whether it’s your big day or a special occasion, we’ve got you covered with our makeup, eyebrow embroidery, lash extensions, and nail services!

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Award-Winning Signature Oxygen
Deep Cleansing Facial

Deep cleanse, nourish and protect your skin to clear perfection with our best selling facial treatment.

Bernard Cassiere
Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial

Exclusively at J Studios only, the chocolate anti-stress facial will protect and nourish your skin to a rich glow.

Perfect Solution
Treatment Programme

Begin your journey to skin perfection with the perfect solution treatment programme, design and customised to personal perfection.

Amino Nano
Hair Treatment

Restore and revitalise your crowning glory with the Amino Nano Hair Treatment, with nanotechnology to nourish your locks to a luscious silky smooth texture.

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by Vivian Er on J Studios

Great Service. Very pretty and cozy interior. Will definitely recommend to my family and friends.

by Faffyza Kharsani on J Studios

Always a comfortable and relaxing time at J Studios. Nice ambience and the ladies are very friendly.

by Pearlyn Goh on J Studios

Had a very enjoyable time with the Therapists here who not only took care of my facial needs but also asked about my well being. Enjoyed how they often take the time to analyse my skin after each session to cater the relevant product to me. 5 star!

by Chantal Han on J Studios

Read the reviews & visited Jstudios. The oxygen facial is comfortable & smoothing! Kherry attended to me & she is very knowledgeable about the products & treatment. She is very attentive & non pushy as well. Will definitely be back again :)

Hi Chantal, thank you for your review 😀😀, Oxygen facial is our best selling facial treatment since we found in 2011 when we started J Studios. All the while, our customers like the Oxygen facial very much as it can give a very thorough deep cleansing to prevent skin problems. We recommend Oxygen facial as a monthly routine treatment for skin maintenance. We look forward to see you again soon. Cheers!

by Shan Shan on J Studios

Before I came to J Studios, I have been plagued with very bad adult acne. Was unfortunate enough to be stuck with another facial salon that claimed to be organic and great with acne skin but did nothing to improve my skin condition and instead worsened it. I was skeptical about J Studios at first since many reviews online were from bloggers but I still gave myself a chance and went for a first trial. Even though obvious results couldn’t be seen from one session, I decided to take a leap of faith and signed up for a package with them as the therapist mentioned they were good with acne skin. It also helped that I liked the oxygen deep cleansing that I did on my first trial. I had nothing to lose anyway. My face improved a little over a series of BC sessions. But the turning point came after I was recommended to go on their perfect solution programme. In a matter of a few sessions, my skin condition improved drastically. I am happy to report that I now do not have acne anymore. The ambience at their Haji outlet is very relaxing and the prices of their facials are reasonable. Staff is polite and caring too. What a hidden gem!

Hi Shan Shan, thank you so much for your support to our Perfect Solution programme. This programme is specially designed to target troubled skin by a stage-by-stage approach and we all the way responsible to your skin improvement. Most of our customers opt for our Signature Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial as a basic treatment for monthly skincare routine and add some other treatments target to their skin concerns. Perfect Solution Program is a more intensive treatment program suitable for people to SOS the troubled skin in a faster pace. We wish that you can go through the stage 1-2-3 with us and we look forward to see your improvement! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our beautician and we are happy to provide you more advice to help you speed up the beautifying process. Cheers!

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