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Your Journey To Perfection Begins Here
J Studios
Your Journey To Perfection Begins Here

Facial Care

Begin your journey to flawless skin at J Studios. Choose from a wide range of facial treatments and programmes to bring your skin to perfection!

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Beauty & Makeup

Whether it’s your big day or a special occasion, we’ve got you covered with our makeup, eyebrow embroidery, lash extensions, and nail services!

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Signature Oxygen
Deep Cleansing Facial

Deep cleanse, nourish and protect your skin to clear perfection with our best selling facial treatment.

Bernard Cassiere
Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial

Exclusively at J Studios only, the chocolate anti-stress facial will protect and nourish your skin to a rich glow.

Perfect Solution
Treatment Programme

Begin your journey to skin perfection with the perfect solution treatment programme, design and customised to personal perfection.

Amino Nano
Hair Treatment

Restore and revitalise your crowning glory with the Amino Nano Hair Treatment, with nanotechnology to nourish your locks to a luscious silky smooth texture.

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by Thablay on J Studios

Friendly beauticians and great service!!

by Fang Yi on J Studios

Really love how professional service they are providing to the customer without hard selling. They are really very friendly and will try to find different ways to help your facial condition. A big thank you to Tina who always try her best to make sure my face is clean and radiant after each session. Would definitely recommend to family and friends here! :))

by Li Zhen Leong on J Studios

Good and relaxing experience with J Studios. Comfortable environment to do facial treatment.

by Lau Jia Xian on J Studios

Good and comfortable environment for facial treatment with J studios. Relaxing experience.

by Seema Dwivedi on J Studios

It's been such a great experience here at J Studios. I feel Jerrie and Jenny are genuinely interested in providing me the best solutions. Thank you for the great service.

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