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How We Get Started?

J Studios is one of the best beauty salons in Singapore. The boutique salon established in 2011 by founder Jerrie Man. From a small home-based beauty salon, she turned the business into a professional beauty salon. The home-based salon incorporated as J Studios Beauty Care Pte Ltd. Since we were a small home-based beauty salon, we focused into acne facial.


Our First Shop

We based on our friendly staff, reputable treatments, and affordable price to gradually gain customer supports. In 2016, we opened our first beauty salon in Jurong East. Unlike ordinary beauty salons are heavily profit driven, we use our hearts and passions to provide our best beauty services. Our founder Jerrie wanted to continue the home-based salon style. Therefore, the salon was located on the second level of the shop house.


J Studios Home-based Beauty Salon


Our Second Shop – Bernard Cassiere Premium Salon

In 2017, based on the success of the Jurong Beauty Salon, we opened our second beauty salon in downtown Singapore located in Bugis Haji Lane. Because of our sophisticated way to treat our customers, we went one step higher. We were honored to receive an invitation Bernard Cassiere from Paris to join as Bernard Cassiere Premium Salon in Singapore. We were successfully trained and audited by Bernard Cassiere team to provide Bernard Cassiere skincare products and premium facial.


Bernard Cassiere Beauty Salon Singapore


Comprehensive Facial Treatments and Beauty Services

We pride ourselves on our personalised and friendly atmosphere for all our clients. We offer a comprehensive treatment menu that provides an extensive selection of facial treatments that are tailored to suit your needs. To further enhance your experience, we offer skincare products to ensure your post treatment and after-care needs.

Currently, we have four main series of facial treatments based on your budgets and skin conditions. They are our Signature Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial, our Best Selling Hovita Facials and Natrual Aromatherapy Facials, and Luxury Bernard Cassiere Facials. We also specialize in treating acne skin and we have many customers from to us for our acne facial with confidence.

In addition, beside our facial treatments, we also offer other beauty services including IPL hair removal, body slimming, haircare and makeup service as a one-stop beauty service provider for our supporting customers.


Our Locations

Our first beauty salon is located in Jurong East, the west side of Singapore. We have now opened our second beauty salon in Bugis Haji Lane. Both outlets are located just a walking distance away from Chinese Garden MRT Station (Jurong Outlet) and Bugis MRT Station (Haji Lane Outlet). Making your therapy experience convenient and accessible.

Bugis Haji Lane Flagship Store

J Studios Bugis Haji Lane Outlet

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Why Choose Us?

J Studios Top Rated Beauty Salon in Singapore

“Step Inside, Beauty Is Within”

Our service motto stands for what we believe: Beauty starts from within. Our beauty therapists exude inner beauty and warmth, maintaining high service standards.

“You are Beautiful, Inside Out”

At J Studios, the client’s comfort and satisfaction is our priority. We believe in constant communication between therapists and clients to ensure the comfort, preference, and needs of the client are met. Our personalised and tailored services help customers achieve effective results in the shortest time, while maintaining a great treatment experience every session at an affordable price.

Mission Statement By Founder, Jerrie:

J Studios Founder Jerrie

Beauty will always be my foremost and ultimate career choice. My passion and love for it can be seen and felt by my many customers, friends, and family.

As the saying goes, “There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women.” By making the conscious effort in preserving your skin and body health, you exude a natural beauty and confidence that you might have never known existed.

Simply by devoting a few minutes daily on a skincare routine at home, and maintaining facial treatments once a month, you can welcome back the radiant glow of natural beauty to your skin and body’s health. Confidence, on the outside, and from within creates an abundance of opportunities for us, giving spark your love life, career and destiny for the better! Join us, as we dedicate ourselves to achieving natural and healthy beauty, living beautiful lives together.


J Studios Jerrie Signature

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