Best Affordable Facial Treatment in Singapore

Hovita Facial Treatments by J Studios

Hovita Facial Treatments All Cover Your Needs

Based on the success of Hovita skincare products range, J Studios bringing you to a higher level by providing brand new Hovita Facial Treatments to cover full range of your needs. The treatments are integrated with full range Hovita skincare products and professional facial techniques by J Studios experienced therapists to provide you the most effective ways to maintain or improve your skin conditions.

The treatments are considered as very affordable facial treatments in Singapore, the treatments not only suitable for working class, but also suitable for teens and students who want to have a monthly facial care treatment.

The Hovita Facial Treatments are S$68-78 for first trial session.

1. Hovita Hydrating Facial

2. Hovita Brightening Facial

3. Hovita Purifying Facial

4. Hovita Calming Facial for Sensitive Skin

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