Exclusive Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial

J Studios Chocolate Facial

Relax and De-Stress With The Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Spa Facial
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Bernard Cassiere differentiated itself from the more traditional beauty product’s world. The company made a new challenge in 2003 and launched a cocoa care series with a concept of anti-stress and anti-pollution care by using edible chocolate.

To develop this Chocolate treatment, Bernard Cassiere joined with an Italian chocolate master, Mr Walter Bovetti. His chocolate contains 64% of pure cocoa (crushed fruits) that effectively for providing hydrating, toning up and regenerating properties. Bernard Cassiere as one of the chocolate leaders in beauty product industry, the chocolate facial treatment was introduced in the 10th Chocolate Show, Porte de Versailles in Paris (France) in 2006. The success was immediate and there was a mad rush with the chocolate addicts over the world. J Studios is proud to bring the world’s famous chocolate facial treatment to Singapore.


J Studios is the exclusive salon for Bernard Cassiere’s Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial in Singapore


Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Facial


The Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial, is an award winning treatment formulated with natural cocoa extracts and quality fair trade chocolate, and is rich in antioxidants and anti-free radicals. In a harsh urban environment, your skin will start to show signs of stress.

The relaxing Chocolate Anti- stress Facial is targeted at soothing stressed urban skin types, while providing protection against environmental damage.


Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Facial

Benefits of Chocolate Treatment

The Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial contains rich antioxidants and anti-radical ingredients that significantly helps to repair, detoxify, and protect the skin, while rejuvenating your skin to glowing radiance.

Rich In Antioxidants





Promotes Skin Glow


Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Facial

Highly beneficial for the following skin types:

Stressed Skin

General Loss of Skin Brightness

Dehydrated Skin

Tired Skin caused by Environmentally Damaged (UV and Pollution)

Lifestyle Habits (Tobacco, Alcohol, Lack of Sleep)

Stressful Individuals & Chocolate Lovers

It’s finally here!


The award-winning Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial has officially launched

Here’s a sneak peek into the exclusive media launch event. Exclusive to J Studios in Singapore, the Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial is now available. Indulge in the rich velvety goodness of chocolate now!

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