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Hovita Nanotechnology from Japan



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Nano Technology

100% coloring free, 100% fragrance free, 100% alcohol free

Suitable for all skin types, specially designed for sensitive & wounded skin, allergy tested


What is Nano Technology?


We are hearing the term Nanotechnology used more frequently, and while the term sounds like it belongs in robotics and science fiction, it is rapidly becoming a reality in medicine and skincare.   The type of Nanotechnology that is most significant in the beauty, skincare and health sectors is the use of nanoparticles and it is a specific type of these Nanoparticles that have been touted as the next generation of Liposomes. Nanosomes are one of the most recognized names for the nanoparticles used in skincare ad cosmetic products, and we are also familiar with the term liposome, so this similarity between the two is the perhaps the best way to explain what Nanosomes are.   Due to such small size, (the interstices of the outer layer of skin measure abut 100 nanometers), Nanosomes can more easily penetrate into the skin by topical application, with their active ingredients entrapped inside them more efficiently transported and delivered to desired target cells.



Hovita Nanotechnology from Japan


 Hovita Nanotechnology Silk Mask from Japan        

Product Benefits

The innovative 360 Aqua Silk Mask, contains 17 amino acids and it is extracted from the cocoon of silk fibre. It is porous, moisture-absorbing, allows skin to breathe. Silk protein can absorb up to 50 times of the weight. It retains the moisture level and allowing all active ingredients to penetrate and can be absorbed quickly into the deeper layers of the skin.


Use after face cleansing. Apply the face mask directly onto skin, avoid eye and lip area. Leave it on for about 20-25 minutes, then rinse off the remaining essence with clear water. Use once or twice a week.


The masks are free from preservatives and it contains active ingredients, it is always good to keep the masks in the refrigerator.

Package Size

1 Pack with 4 masks

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