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About J Studios

J Studios was established in 2011. The founder Ms.Jerrie has built the business up from a small beauty salon into a professional salon and incorporated J Studios Beauty Care Pte Ltd which offers a wide-range of products and services.

The salon provides a warm welcome to all its clients and is very proud of the friendly and personalized atmosphere it has. We offer comprehensive treatment menu from facial and hair removal. We understand your needs are not only just limited to treatments, we offer skincare products to enhance your treatment experience.

"Typically my clients are professional ladies who have skin problems or care about skin anti-aging. I help them to re-gain confidence by my treatments and products. Eventually, the increased confidence helps them to excel in their jobs, their relationships, their lifestyle."

      Jerrie, Founder of J Studios and Beuaty Specialist
J Studios Locations  

Our Locations

Convenient and accessible from Bugis MRT Station and Chinese Garden MRT Station. There are many good food around too. After treatment, you can enjoy good food nearby!  From hotel grade Western food, Japanese food to local favorites.

For customers who drive, please park at Golden Landmark Shopping Centre for visiting J Studios Bugis Outlet. Car parking is available in front of J Studios Jurong Outlet Entrance.


Advanced Technology

Our machines for treatments are advanced models, which are safe, highly efficient and effective! You will be happy with the instant result, even right after the 1st trial session!

  J Studios uses advanced technologies and machines for treatments
Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment at J Studios  

Why choose us?

Our oxygen deep cleansing machine is able to flush out the toxins on your face, unclogging your pores completely. Our customers are happy as it means no more painful extraction, leaving their skin all red and inflammed. They like their skin looking all bright and healthy after the treatment and the acne redness is reduced as well!

We have the right machine to treat our customers' problem areas; pigmentation, acne, anti-wrinkles, lifting, shaping, brightening etc.

To achieve utmost comfort for our customers, we believe in communicating and constantly checking on our customers' preference & feeling. Our customers love this and appreciate our efforts in all these details that they didn't experience at salons outside. With us, you don't have to worry as customers' comfort level during and after the treatment process is very important to us. Not only do we aim to help customers achieve faster and effective results at an affordable price, your overall experience and comfort level with us are equally important.


Mission Statement By Jerrie:

"Beauty, is always be my foremost and ultimate career choice. My passion and love for it can be seen and felt by my many customers, friends and family.

As we all know, there's never ugly women but lazy women! By making a conscious effort in preserving our healthy skin and body; Women! you are exuding a natural sense of confidence you never knew existed. What matters more than hearing praises and seeing heads turn while you walk down the street? Well, as far as i know, it keeps any women happy and confident for a long time :)

Every second, every minute, every hour of the day, our body collagen and metabolism begin to retard and time draws us nearer to our enemy named "Aging". What are we doing then to welcome the youthful look and glowing skin back into our lives? Simply by devoting a few minutes daily on home skincare regime and once a month facial treatment, it can change your destiny, romance and life! Many of us believe, Confidence, outside and within create abundant opportunities and wealth for us beautiful women. What are we waiting for? Let's dedicate to our beautiful lives, together!"

  J Studios Beauty Care
You are beautiful inside and out  

Jerrie 使命宣言:


健康的肌肤让我们与健康靠得更近,让我们与美丽近在咫尺。有什么比每天出门的时候接受别人赞美和欣赏的眼光更让女人们开心和自信呢!每一个人,每一天,每一分钟都会慢慢变老。想要留住青春,就不该吝惜自己的时间去好好照顾自己的皮肤。每天几分钟的家庭护理,每个月一次的美容院疗程,真的可以改变你的命运, 改变你的爱情,改变你的一生。相信美可以为我们创造更多的机会和财富,相信自信永远是美的最好体现。让我们在这里共同努力!


 Beautifying in Process!




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