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I was particularly impressed by the professionalism and meticulous personalized treatment. My initial plan was to do an IPL+ oxygen facial. When I reached, the staff set me down with a cup of yuzutea and we discussed my skin problems. As I have dull skin tone, combination sensitive skin with acne scars and enlarged pores, she advised me not to go for the IPL as it might dry out my skin. She has a good vibe from the start and was sincere. I could tell that she was not trying to manipulate, hard-sell to me like the previous facial providers Ive been to. We settled with charcoal and oxygen facial (both treatments to be used with state-of-the-art machines and equipment). I appreciate how she explained the different facials J studio provide, their history, and also laying out onto the table for me to let me decide for myself instead of pushing or persuading me. Due to my multiple bad experiences, I am very cautious, skeptical and am very aware of the many sales tactics (including scare tactics) facial providers use.

What I find different and praise-worthy was the great lengths she went in making me feel comfortable especially a first timer. First, she asked me to pick the essential oil scent I prefer to be used for the welcome shoulder massage, and before each procedure, she would explain thoroughly the process before doing it. There was no hot steaming (which usually dries my face afterwards) and no extraction. The oxygen and charcoal machines/equipments were special and deep cleansing. The charcoal treatment (felt slight pricking pulse sensations of charcoal shooting into my skin, but it was not painful for me) thoroughly drew out dirt, oil, and impurities. During the process, upon seeing my lips were dry she helped me put some lip balm on it and assured me that the lipbalm was made with natural ingredients. A mask, ampoule and some hydrating products were applied towards the end.

Not everyone with sensitive or other skin types are suitable for forceful extractions. The facials J studio provide are good solutions. The results said for itself. Clearly I could see the distinction before and after. Today, one day into the treatment, my skin looks brighter, smoother, cleaner and lighter.

I am not sponsored to do this, but I thought to give my review as this is the first time (out of multiple first-trials from other providers) I've been to that I am satisfied and comfortable with the pricing, service, results and professionalism. I'm happy with the results and would go back again if my budget permits! :-)
(on a side note I really liked the lip balm so I asked if they sell it. Hahaha. Bought one in the end :-P)
Date of Posting: 02 November 2017
Posted By: Lim Jia Yi
I went for a first time trial and eventually signed a package as I felt the effects of the oxygen deep cleansing. Hopefully my skin condition will improve much better in the subsequent treatments.
Date of Posting: 15 July 2017
Posted By: Melinda
" The best treatment service and hospitality " and also the place is so cozy and great to relax. Its not like they try to impose their product and packages on customers, they will tell what is really required and suitable for our skin and we will be satisfied for sure when we step out from the place for the money we spent and for the treatment we received. I will surely recommend this place. Cheers!!!
Date of Posting: 20 March 2017
Posted By: Lakshmi Gandhi
Ive been with J Studios for 2 years now since it was at a home based studio. J Studios was highly recommended by my friend as back then i was looking for a reliable place for regular facial service, and indeed after my first trial session, i was pretty happy with the experience i had there; professional service and friendly beautician who at the same time would give you private space to rest your body and mind during the treatment, not forgetting to mention the facial did helped my face condition improved! They have moved to a shophouse nearby, more cosy environment and more convenient than before!

I would certainly recommend J Studios!
Date of Posting: 08 March 2017
Posted By: Sheryl
They provided very good service to me and i feel very comfortable and relaxing after the treatment. Love!
Date of Posting: 07 February 2017
Posted By: Pei Hoon
Enjoy my treatment here with Jerrie. Provided good service and advice on my skin care! Thanks Ladies!
Date of Posting: 02 January 2017
Posted By: Yasmin
After reading reviews online, decided to give J Studios a go. Nice ambiance with careful explanation regarding my skin condition and treatment suggestions. Nice & friendly environment.
Date of Posting: 06 December 2016
Posted By: Yi Wen
I would like to compliment Jerrie service. She is patient and nice. Always share good beauty information. I have a great and enjoyable session with them.
Date of Posting: 25 November 2016
Posted By: Mei Juan
Despite the location being far for me, I decided to give it a try. The place is very cosy and the therapists are friendly. After one treatment, I could see improvement on my skin and decided to sign a package, would recommend this place to friends in future. Keep it up!
Date of Posting: 24 November 2016
Posted By: Gracia
Despite the location being far for me, I decided to give it a try. The place is very cosy and the therapists are friendly. After one treatment, I could see improvement on my skin and decided to sign a package, would recommend this place to friends in future. Keep it up!
Date of Posting: 18 November 2016
Posted By: Vel Heng
My girlfriend face is getting so much healthier and smoother now. This is unheard of. She has tried numerous shops before. Guess she will be coming back for more from now.
Date of Posting: 29 October 2016
Posted By: Nick
My face has improved a lot after treatment. There is now less uneven skin and dark pigments. Thank you very much for improving my skin.
Date of Posting: 05 October 2016
Posted By: Sharika
I would like to complement you on your services. I have been a returning customer ever since I first tried the IPL Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial. I was really happy with the effects. There was minimal redness and my skin definitely felt cleaner and much clearer after. I felt my skin improved after following sessions and i liked how there was consistency in providing the best service for returning customers. There was definitely no hardsell and every session was enjoyable. The beautician at J Studios are sincere towards helping customers to achieve better skin and they would provide advice to get better skin. Definitely recommended!

Lee Ling :-)
Date of Posting: 02 September 2016
Posted By: Lee Ling
Hi Jerrie, I love your home Spa service. Eve and you are both very professional. Surely better than thr popular spa i have visited.The oxgen facial is incredible. I was just walking out from your condo,immediately a lady name Irish(residential there)asked me, Lady your skin is nice where did you do facial? So I gave her your number, of course:). My skin is lifted up and brighter after the facial.Thank you,I am your happy customer")cheers. Emmy Lee
Date of Posting: 14 August 2016
Posted By: Emmy Lee
Awesome ambiance! Love the facial and friendly therapist. Keep it up!
Date of Posting: 08 August 2016
Posted By: Sherry
I have been coming back for years. Jerrie takes time to explain to me and seek the best solutions to meet my needs. Have recommended a few friends here too!
Date of Posting: 03 August 2016
Posted By: Earlene
J Studios is a cozy place that provides good service. I feel that the treatments here are more customised to the needs of their clients which in turn delivers better results. After just the first trial, you will be able to see the differences.
Date of Posting: 04 July 2016
Posted By: Sabrina
Lovely Service! Fantastic results since day 1 and wonderful environment. Definitely set my mind at ease. Looking forward to every next appointment!
Date of Posting: 24 June 2016
Posted By: Lindrey
Cosy place, great service and very enjoyable experience that you can’t get with other therapists outside. You are very nice to talk to.
Date of Posting: 15 June 2016
Posted By: Sylvia
The entire IPL hair removal treatment is a painless process which effectively solves my problem. Thanks to Jerrie for her professionalism and help throughout!

Date of Posting: 13 June 2016
Posted By: Tay
Every visit to J Studios has always been very relaxing and staff is always very friendly. Very professional and not pushy.

This is my 2nd IPL session with them and I am seeing fast and positive results. Jerrie is knowledgeable and knows her stuff well, sincere in helping the client with their skin issues. I will recommend my friends if they need any of their services.

Date of Posting: 11 June 2016
Posted By: Jean
Has been with J Studios for several years and so far I am very satisfied with the consultation, service and results. They are not pushy and is sincere in delivery of good result to their customers. Their treatments and products are also not too pricey compared to outside established companies.
Date of Posting: 10 June 2016
Posted By: Audrey
Facial was quite thorough and detailed, not missing out any part of the face. All-in-all, good experience.
Date of Posting: 10 June 2016
Posted By: Amie
I started to use Hovita ampoule and silk mask when I had treatment with Jerrie for my acne facial. I had a very bad face that time and I intensively used the ampoule and silk masks. It is proven effective for me. I am still buying Hovita silk mask for my face routine. I use twice a week and Jerrie provides me free delivery to my office. Highly recommend.
Date of Posting: 16 March 2016
Posted By: Joanna Tan
I just had my oxygen facial done. Very cosy place. I have sensitive skin and my skin condition improved a lot - I can really feel my skin glowing and no more breakouts ;) Now i know why celebrities are so faithful to oxygen facial...LOL....!! Jerrie uses a very effective oxygen skin care deep cleansing machine, I am happy with the results and service. She is very professional and knowledgeable, I must say.
Date of Posting: 23 February 2016
Posted By: Meggie
It is really good experience with Jerrie. My face is very clean after the deep cleansing oxygen treatment. The house is comparable to a shop setting with music, air con when you enter.
Date of Posting: 15 February 2016
Posted By: Diana
I know Jerrie for quite a long time and she all the while give me very good treatment from face to body. Due to my job as air crew, I need to maintain my face and body in good shape. She really a professional to give me hassle-free experience! Her skincare products are great too! I am keep using the silk mask and ampoule. I highly recommend Jerrie as your personalized beauty consultant!
Date of Posting: 28 January 2016
Posted By: Jessica
I always hesitate to go for any facial treatment outside as i hate the feeling being hard sales their products and standard drop after u signed up but J Studio changed my mindset completely by providing affordable treatment with her patient & kind attitude. Thumb up Jerrie!
Date of Posting: 16 January 2016
Posted By: Missy Evone
The place is very convenient as it is literally next to Chinese Garden MRT (Parc Oasis Condo) and convenience is a major plus point for me. As a working mom, time is of essence to me so I will not want to waste time travelling.

When I reached the place, what greeted me was a very welcoming resort like feel home salon. Nice décor, soothing music, air con, and tea for me to drink. It really felt v comfortable. It was as though the whole 3brm condo was dedicated for this business! and later I found out, it was really so.

I proceeded to the do Oxygen Deep Cleansing. This facial uses Hydrojet machine and pure oxygen is sprayed to the face, cleaning the follicles and whatever dirt effectively. Unlike traditional hand extraction, this machine uses Oxygen pressure to clean your face. After the treatment, a mask and serum is applied on.

End result..

I can really see a remarkable difference to my face! It definitely looks cleaner, whiter and more refreshed.
Date of Posting: 15 January 2016
Posted By: Kathy Chua
I had trial and error so many beauty salons in the past, especially some of the beauty salon chain, at the beginning, they treated you like VIP to get you sign the package with them, once you signed the package and paid money, they started to give out poker face and tried to give you less and less. Until I was recommended by my colleague who had facial with Jerrie for long time, I realized that finally I found my "Home of Facial". Jerrie provided very professional and friendly facial. I highly recommend J Studios skincare treatment to all of you.
Date of Posting: 02 January 2016
Posted By: Sarah Low

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