Essential Oil Gua Sha Facial

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 Gua Sha Facial


Want to look younger or maintain your youth look within weeks?

Try the Essential Oil Gua Sha Facial! Gua Sha Technique helps to improve blood circulation on your face, remove toxic heat from lymph system and increase your cell growth, making your skin look younger.

Our medical grade essential oil at the same time provides effective penetration to the skin to target for acne, hydrating, whitening, firming, and lifting issues.


hovita aromatherapy


Key Benefits:

Reduce dark circles, eye bags, puffiness

Reduce fine lines, wrinkles

Reduce uneven skin tone

Smoother and radiant skin

Reduce pore size, smaller pores

Lighten freckles, reduce dark spots

Uplift sagging skin

Reduce double chin, better refined face shape

Tighten skin, firmer skin

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