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Why Not Waxing?

Waxing is painful, stressful

Waxing can cause ingrown hair grow

Waxing damages skin badly

Waxing can cause swelling and red bumps (waxing bumps)

Waxing can cause skin infection

Waxing triggers dark pigmentation, your waxed areas are getting darker and darker

Waxing can cause acnes breakouts


Painful Waxing, Why not IPL Hair Removal by J Studios    Painful Waxing, Why not IPL Hair Removal by J Studios


No more painful and messy waxing. Thanks to new IPL technology.  Try IPL Permanent Hair Removal Now!


What is IPL?

IPL stands for intense pulsed light, and it is a form of light therapy, used for various dermatological treatments including hair removal. IPL hair removal is a great option for long-term and large area removal and recommended by health professionals the world over. IPL hair removal is a highly effective treatment method and is applicable to many skin and hair types.


How Does It Work?

The process is fairly simple; an applicator is targeted at a specific area of the skin and delivers energy to the hairs that protrude from it in short bursts or pulses. Enough energy from the light is absorbed by the hairs to damage the hair follicles creating detrimental conditions to hair growth. IPL hair removal is a safe, easy, painless and quick solution to unwanted hair and can be successfully used on the body or the face.

The sensation is often referred to as a gentle 'snap' with minimal to no sensation subsequent to the treatment. In some cases, dependent on the skin type and the treatment area, some mild redness and tenderness in the area may occur, but don't worry, this is common and will fade quickly. They are mild and they can be resolved themselves within a few hours of treatment which does not interfere with normal activities.

IPL Permanent Hair Removal Treatment


IPL Hair Removal Benefits

Waxing, electrolysis, and even shaving can be cumbersome treatments, which lead to discomfort and skin irritation. Electrolysis and waxing in particular can be quite painful. IPL treatments are significantly more comfortable with no skin irritation. The IPL supports active cooling in the hand-pieces, which keeps the surface of the skin comfortable throughout the treatment.


PERMANENT Hair Reduction – Based on the absorption of specific wavelengths of light energy which are transformed into heat below the surface of the skin, Intense Pulsed Light compromises the body’s ability to re-grow hair in the treated area. Permanent and long-lasting results!


Fast and Convenient Treatments – The large surface area covered by the specialized IPL hand-pieces enables fast and effective treatments. With no post-treatment discomfort, it’s easy to receive treatments at lunch and then return to the office that afternoon. A full set of legs could be treated in less than 1 hour, and treatments are effective without the requirement to have hair grow out before the treatment, meaning you can shave right up until your IPL session.


1. Most effective hair removal method
2. IPL hair removal is painless and permanent
3. It doesn’t require too much of your time
4. No negative side effects
5. Less harms to skin than waxing and shaving


Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair by IPL Permanent Hair Removal at J Studios 

IPL Permanent Hair Removal Application

IPL Permanent Hair Removal can be commonly applied to various body parts:

Face     Face, Upper Lip, Chin

Arm       Full Arm, Underarm, Lower Arm, Upper Arm

Leg       Full Leg, Lower Leg, Upper Leg

Body     Bikini Line, Brazilian, Back



How Many Treatments Will I Required?

Hair grows in three cycles called Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. IPL technology most effectively interacts with hair in the Anagen (or active growth) phase when the hair is highest in pigment. Hence multiple treatments are required to accomplish permanent hair reduction. On average approximately 20% reduction will be noticed in the initial treatment and as much as 95% reduction can be realized in four to six treatments. Remember after the treatments the reduction will be permanent!

J Studios professionally schedule your treatment according to your hair grow cycle


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