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Exclusive Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial

Relax and De-stress With The Chocolate Spa Facial
Exclusively Available at J Studios Only!

Bernard Cassiere is one of the leading chocolate companies in beauty salons, the brand was logically represented at the 10th chocolate show, Porte de Versailles from October 28 to November 1, 2006.

J Studios is the exclusive salon for Bernard Cassiere’s Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial in Singapore.


In a harsh urban environment, your skin will start to show signs of stress.

The relaxing Chocolate Anti- stress Facial is targeted at soothing stressed urban skin types, while providing protection against environmental damage.

Benefits of Chocolate Treatment

Rich In Antioxidants, Protection, Anti-radical,
Repairing, Detoxifying,  Promotes Skin Glow


Suitable for the following skin types

Stressed Skin, General Loss of Skin Brightness, Dehydrated Skin, Tired Skin, Environmentally Damaged Skin (UV and Pollution)

Lifestyle Habits (Tobacco, Alcohol, Lack of Sleep)