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A combination of  “J” or Je, French for “I”, and French name “Amie” which means a female friend, literally translating into an abbreviation of “I Am My Own Best Friend.”

Beauty and fragrance is every woman’s ally, adding to the alluring senses of a woman’s attraction and confidence.

J’Amie aims to be every woman’s companion fragrance, for every lady to discover her own unique scent and confidence.

White Jasmine

Fall in love with the clean and beautiful scent of Jasmine, made with pure jasmine oil extract.

Clean, Refreshing and Floral.

Pink Rose

Experience the bloom of spring with the sweet scent of rose, made with premium rose oil and rose water.

Sweet, Clean, and Soothing.

Lilac Lavender

From the fresh floral fields of French Lavender, fall in love with the natural scent of premium lavender oil.

Soothing, Calming, and Relaxing