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J Studios Signature Oxygen Facial

Bring Out The Classic Beauty In You

The Signature Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial is our best selling treatment, known for its deep cleansing and nourishing properties. Made popular by celebrities seeking to retain youthfulness and a flawless high definition look, most notably Madonna and the cast of Sex and The City, the technology is designed to cleanse, smooth, and plump your skin immediately.


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J Studios Oxygen Facial

How Does It Work?

The Oxygen Facial delivers a mixture of hyperbaric oxygen (also known as pure oxygen), vitamins, antioxidants and an anti-aging serum, replenishing nutrients to the skin,  by penetrating the epidermis of your skin to deep clean follicles and sebaceous glands thoroughly, the process is similar to using a mini power washer to pump oxygen and moisturizer into your skin, to deep cleanse and plump the skin, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while increasing blood circulation to boosting collagen production and skin whitening.

Who is suitable for the Signature Oxygen Deep Cleansing Treatment?

The Signature Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial is suitable for all skin types. If you have troubled or sensitive skin, long term treatment can help to eliminate acne, as well as blemishes and scars caused by acne, leaving dull skin visibly brightened with a natural radiant glow.

Gone are the days of painful extraction methods, and blotchy sensitive skin post treatment. Unlike most facials where makeup is prohibited for at least 12 hours after therapy, the oxygen facial allows you to apply makeup almost immediately after.

So Fresh! So Clean!

J Studios Oxygen Facial

How Often Do I Need Treatments?

The frequency of treatments is dependable on every individual’s skin condition and concerns. If you have troubled skin, it is recommended that you return for treatments twice a month for the first month, and once a month thereafter for maintenance. Customers looking to rejuvenate and build up great skin health are also advised to get therapy once to twice a month.

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