Bernard Cassiere Bilberry Gentle Peeling

Bernard Cassiere Bilberry Gentle Peeling


Sensitive Skin Saviour!

Bernard Cassiere Bilberry Series

A gentle exfoliator that stimulates cell renewal and eliminates desquamate cells, soothing and calming skin inflammation or redness. Soft and gentle for even the most delicate skins.


This Bilberry gentle peeling softly removes impurities and dead cells without granules leaving the skin clean, fresh and comfortable. This creamy peeling offers all skin types, even sensitive skins, a radiant complexion without irritation thanks to a mild enzymatic complex and White tea extract. An extract of Nordic berry also provides soothing and comforting properties.


Recommended for delicate and sensitive skin types


Use once or twice a week by uniformly applying a layer on cleansed and dry skin. Avoid the neck and eye contour area. Leave on for 12 minutes before emulsifying with warm water and rinse thoroughly.

Main Active Ingredients:

Bilberry (Fair Trade), Nordic Berry, White Tea Extract

Packaging Size:


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