Bernard Cassiere Honey Oxygenating Cream

Bernard Cassiere Honey Oxygenating Cream


Vitalize Your Skin by Honey!

Bernard Cassiere Honey Oxygenating Series

A rich textured cream formulated to nourish, hydrate, protect, and soften skin, while stimulating cell regeneration. Its biphasic texture optimises the release of actives with heightened absorption.


Exceptional results! This innovative two-phase cream is in the service of skins lacking of radiance. The cream contains a complex of propolis extract and shea butter, rich in fatty acids and vitamins for a well nourished skin. The gel contains an exquisite extract of acacia honey. Its soothing properties are released only when mixing the two phases, resulting in a more luminescent skin.


Recommended for devitalised and dehydrated skin


At first use, mix the two phases thoroughly

Apply daily in the morning and/or evening on perfectly cleansed skin

Main Active Ingredients:

Acacia Honey, Shea Butter, Propolis Extract

Packaging Size:


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