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Wedding Makeup / Bridal Facial Package

Why do you need a Bridal Facial Package?

A wedding is a milestone in life, and most people organize their wedding through careful planning to ensure it is a flawless experience for themselves, their families, and friends. Every bride wants to look her best on the wedding day, and having skin concerns may impede in your dreams of looking perfect on your big day!

Some brides may experience skin problems, while others may have concerns about their complexions. With the stress of a upcoming wedding, some brides begin to experience signs of stress showing on their skin. To hide skin problems, heavy makeup is usually used to cover up flaws during the wedding photoshoot and wedding day. While this usually is one solution, relying on makeup is not advisable, as the makeup products cause a pre-existing condition to worsen with sensitivity, inflammation, irritation and bumps during the wedding period or on your wedding day!

Your wedding is a good opportunity for you to begin your journey to better skin through our facial treatment programmes, and your skin will not only benefit from your wedding day, but long-term!


What is Bridal Facial Package?

The Bridal Facial Package is a comprehensive treatment programme that consists of a series of treatments including the Signature Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial, Intense Pulse Light Therapy (IPL) and RF Therapy to remove dark spots and pigmentation, brighten and even out dull skin, healing existing acne conditions, reduce scars, tighten skin, and clear clogged pores for a rejuvenated, radiant and beautiful complexion.

Beside facial treatments, we also offer body care treatments which include slimming, hair removal, makeup, and nail service for a flawless and sleek look on your wedding day.

What is the duration of the programme?

Brides and Grooms-To-Be are encouraged to join our Bridal Package treatment programme about four to six months before your actual wedding day to allow sufficient time to improve the skin conditions.


What is more about the programme?

The programme is not just only for the couple, you can include your bridesmaids, family members and friends in the package.

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What is the price of the programme?

The wedding makeup/ bridal Facial Package treatment programme is a customised programme for you, and there is no fixed package price as you are required to undergo a consultation to understand your skin’s needs and concerns. A customised treatment programme will be tailor-made especially for you depending on your needs and expectations, with your wedding day timeline in mind, ensuring that every treatment session brings you one step closer to perfection on your big day!

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